Oxygen is carried and used as supplementary oxygen. The idea being to try and compensate for the lack of ambient O2, due to the low atmospheric pressure. Ambient air is always taken in conjunction and is the bulk of gas processed. Various delivery systems have been used over the years. The ‘Full Flow’ system has come out on top due to its almost faultless simplicity. The drawback is that we breathe in a cycle of three parts; two of these parts are breathing out. As the name suggests, the O2 is flowing constantly. This means in effect that somewhere in the region of 60-75% of the gas is wasted as it flows into the mask as the user is breathing out (for 2/3 of the breathing cycle) and thus the O2 is pushed out of the mask to atmosphere. The other drawback is that the O2 consumed is from a small diameter tube and can only ever be taken at a set limited rate, regardless of demand.

Demand systems have proved unpopular as due to their complexity; they are not reliable, but they are more efficient!

Ted has been involved in High Altitude mountaineering since 1983. In 1988 he became involved in the O2 systems as a member of the Joint Services Team on Everest’s West Flank route (with Simon Lowe and Steve Bell of jagged Globe). It was here that he realised that the available systems were not only wasteful, but dangerously inadequate. In 2001 he led the first RAF team to climb Everest taking the North Ridge Route. As the leader he did not have time to devote to the O2 operation, however little had changed since 1988.

Ted had to go back; this time to the South side in Nepal, without a team, to find the time to develop the system and finally climb the mountain for himself in 2004.

This new high altitude oxygen delivery system has been designed and developed by me, Ted Atkins, while climbing the mountain. Until recently I was a serving RAF Aerosystems (aircraft) Engineering Officer.

The system was designed and has been built specifically for climbing Everest using aerospace standards that I employed with the RAF. This is the only system built specifically for climbing Everest by an aerosystems engineer who has climbed Everest in the process of testing the prototype. No other system has this pedigree.

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