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Topout produce and provide the World's market-leading oxygen delivery system

They say that it’s not the winning but the taking part that counts but not on Everest. We don’t nearly climb Everest, we ‘Top Out’ or we fail. I failed twice before I used TopOut. It wasn’t 3rd time lucky, it was having the best equipment possible, equipment that to date has a huge success rate.

On Everest, it’s the getting back that counts, and if you can get back having been to the top then you are a winner. To win you have to have the best: the best attitude, the best gear and most importantly the best oxygen. TopOut is the difference between winning and simply taking part and will turn pain to pleasure; well it could! TopOut will enable you to enjoy Everest instead of feeling as if every breath is your last.


The Topout system

This new high altitude oxygen delivery system has been designed and developed by me, Ted Atkins while climbing the mountain. I was, until recently, a serving RAF Aerosystems (aircraft) Engineering Officer. The system was designed and has been built specifically for climbing Everest using aerospace standards that I employed with the RAF. This is the only system built specifically for climbing Everest by an aerosystems engineer who has climbed Everest in the process of testing the prototype. No other system has this pedigree.

Topout Clinical Evaluation

New Topout Pod Delivery System

Topout New Flow Controller

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