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Top Out is with out doubt one the biggest improvements in the equipment I use on Everest and Cho Oyu. For me when I’m working I’m concerned about the clients and don’t need to have doubts about equipment. I have total faith in top out!!! I use top out cos it f**king works. For me its the best O2 mask available. Light years better than the rest. I have 5 Everest summits 4 of which have been done using Top Out. I am 100% sure that my success is at least partly down to this mask.

Awesome. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable summit then I recommend Top Out everytime.

For me as a 5 times Everest Guide I insist that my clients use Top Out masks.



Eric Simonson IMG and Dave Hahn

Dear Ted,

I asked Dave Hahn (7 time Everest summiter) for some feedback on the masks: His comments below. Overall you can mention that I think “the masks gave us an edge; and made for a consistent and more crucially reliable supply”. We got 12 of 16 up this year (among the team members), so that is 75%, which is better than we have done in the past.  It was good climbing this year—-good weather, good route condition, good support and preparation, good team—-and the new masks certainly helped!   Of the four that failed to summit, none was related to the masks.  Two went home early due to health issues, the third had diarrhea up on the South Col and just didn’t have the energy, and the last one somehow messed up his bottle change on the Balcony and for an inexplicable reason ran out of oxygen (I think he screwed on a half full bottle instead of a full one, by mistake).

Neal Short Jagged Globe Everest guide

Hi Eric,

Regarding the Top-Out masks:  I think they were very much appreciated. We had some initial worries, as you remember, because there were rumors that they were icing up and clogging, but it turned out that those incidents were minor and easily fixed.  My feeling is that the freezing valves and clogged ports fall under the category of “normal” work with 
an O2 mask in cold conditions.  If a climber is brand new to using oxygen and masks and regulators… and it is Everest summit day… they may not be so good at keeping their mask operating correctly, same as always.  But I didn’t have much trouble with mine.  If it had been off my face for a few minutes, I knew I had to blow into it for twenty seconds to get the valves working again.  I was a bit annoyed that in descending steep terrain, the ambient air intake port seemed to continually get blocked by my down suit collar, but apparently I could have simply rotated the port (I didn’t want to break the thing by messing with it blindly during my climb)  What seemed plain to me and to most of our “clients” was that the reservoir idea was working pretty well… that one could get pretty good bang for their buck at 2 or 3 liters per minute.  The mask itself feels about a thousand times better on the face than either the Hornbein or the LSE, I was pleased to come through without any nose bruises, or chin freezes or any of the other unpleasant side effects of our other masks.  Nice not to have to wear the velcro hoods, which never seem to fit all that well.  I didn’t like the top-out masks for sleeping, though, too much uneven popping and sputtering of valves.

I’m hoping Ted makes a few minor improvements to the masks to keep those valves and ports working well and that we keep buying them up so that our sherpas can get the benefits also. (Editors Note) – This is an uncut comment, we now have a nasal cannulae system for sleeping which is much prefered by many. 

Dave Hahn

From Explorer and Motivational speaker Will Cross


The mask was superb. I added about two hours to each cylinder using your design. Moved much more quickly than in the past and this seems true with the other climbers. Very comfortable. Highly recommended and thoroughly endorsed. Many thanks.

kari Der Burgfuher

hello ted

.... thanks for helping to get the best mask on the market…

greetings kari Der Burgfuher



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