Dirk Stephan


Hi Ted,

Just wanted to let you know, the ascent to the summit of Everest worked fine last year. Here is my testimony: I summited Mt. Everest at 0500 a.m. Being a professional pilot, I have some experience with oxygen delivering systems. I chose TOPOUT because the system is easy to use and idiot-proof. The latter is very important, when betting your life on an oxygen system. With the TOPOUT mask attached to standard POISK cylinders, I was able to climb Mount Everest in less then 8 hours. This is remarkable, because allthough I was going as fast as I could, I was still fit on the TOP.
I highly recommend the TOPOUT-System, as it protected me just the way it was expected to do.
After summitting at 0500am, I was back on southcol at 0800. After 2 hours rest, I descended down to C2 and reached it at 0200pm.
Dirk Stephan

Neill Elliott

To whom it may concern:
When planning an expedition to climb a mountain like Everest many factors must be taken in account, if you want to succeed you must plan everything to the finest detail, you must source the best equipment, food and clothing available and then make the best use of these and the conditions on the mountain.
 While making our preparations last year we looked at all the oxygen systems available for our Everest expedition and after comprehensive investigations we decided on the TopOut masks in conjunction with the Piosk Cylinders and regulators.
At this stage little did we know the vast difference using this system would make, so after a shorter than normal acclimatisation period we got our opportunity to make a summit attempt and  five climbers left the North Col and three days later we all reached the summit at 06.40 am, we passed everyone on the way to the summit, we were much faster, fitter, healthier and safer than all other climbers on the route. 
Our speed I simply put down to the fantastic mask that Ted Atkins has developed, we had a similar level of fitness at the start as other climbers, our acclimatisation was similar to others, but our Oxygen masks were simply miles ahead. 
I would highly recommend the TOPOUT mask to anyone who wants the best system currently available.
Best Regards
Neill Elliott
The Everest2006 Expedition.
Please feel free to use me as a reference.

el of Sherpa support, the best equipment and expert leadership. On Everest, that’s what counts.

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