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with Himalayan Guides –

100 mtrs or so below the S summit, the effect of it was amazing – Tindu apparently radioing down to Henry that he couldnt keep up with me! Thats an ultimate complement! 

All the best,


Adrian HAYES


Hi Ted,

My TOPOUT Mask kit arrived yesterday and it looks great.  I must compliment you on the prompt delivery and the use of the “Really Useful Box” for packaging.  We will be very pleased to work with the Canadian TV company that is interested in covering teams planning to use TOPOUT masks.  I will contact Karine Dubois and encourage her to contact us.

I am off to Russia for a couple of weeks tomorrow, but I will stay in touch.



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We will be using a lightweight Russian oxygen system exclusively throughout the expedition, manufactured by Poisk. The Poisk system is without doubt the best oxygen system currently available for mountaineering, as it has a proven track record. A new system is available, but this has not been used sufficiently to show its effectiveness. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that the new system still suffers from teething problems and that its reliability is not yet proven to be as good as Poisk. We don’t believe that Everest is the place to test a system, and will continue to use Poisk for the foreseeable future. Combined with Poisk, we will be using TopOut masks, which our 2005 teams described as a “major improvement” over the much more cumbersome Poisk masks. The TopOut masks were also felt to be more efficient at delivering oxygen, as well as providing better visibility. 

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Paul Adler

I have attached some photos of us with your masks.  Let me know if you want any others or want higher res versions.  I have had a few questions from people asking about how we found the mask and people are interested to see it in profile to understand how much it blocks the view of your feet.  I tried to see if we had any pictures of it side on, but we didn’t.  (We didn’t notice it impeding the view of our feet at all.

I wear glasses and had absolutely no problems with them fogging up at all.


Paul. (Adler)

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