Neill Elliot

ExWeb: In case of supplementary O2 support – which brand are you using?

We are using Poisk bottles, with Ted Atkins’ Top-out oxygen masks – they were used to great success by Jagged Globe last year. We looked at the SummitOxygen system, but decided it needs to be battle-tested and that it has not performed well in the past, so we weren’t going to be test pilots this year.

Neill Elliot, Leader of Anglo Irish Team

I am sure you already know, but the 5 of us who left the North Col all summited! 100% success, thanks to Topout.

Talk when I get home.

Best Regards


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Adrian Hayes

with Himalayan Guides –

100 mtrs or so below the S summit, the effect of it was amazing – Tindu apparently radioing down to Henry that he couldnt keep up with me! Thats an ultimate complement! 

All the best,


Adrian HAYES

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British Army

100% summit success with Topout on Cho Oyu Regards

Message: Dear Ted, we met briefly this year at Everest Base Camp. I (along with a colleague, Russ Lamb) was with the IMG group being led by Mark Tucker. You came to our camp a couple of times, gave us a talk and helped with the fitting of our Top Out masks. Both Russ and I were fortunate enough to reach the summit of Everest on 20th May, using the Top Out system, and we were very grateful that the system worked so well.

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Topout Clinical Evaluation

New Topout Pod Delivery System

Topout New Flow Controller

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